What are some important Digital Electronics based questions that are frequently asked in job interviews?

I’ve been to most interviews with semiconductor companies and I’m writing this answer based on what I learned. It is my hope that it will be of some help to you.

Each topic in digital electronics is interconnected.

It is not possible to design a circuit from a state diagram if you don’t understand sequential circuits.

  1. state diagram for different sequence detector
  2. Circuit design for frequency division by 1/3, 2/5, etc
  3. Different input and output frequencies have different FIFO depths
  4. Difference between flip flop and latch
  5. Little endian, big endian
  6. Multiplexer design D latch and D flipflop
  7. All logic gates can be designed using multiplexes.
  8. Why do we prefer 2s complement over 1s complement.
  9. Use universal gates to design x-or or xnor
  10. Design NAND gate with AND gate (well, you’re right …!!)).
  11. why do we use gray codes?
  12. why do we use weighted codes?
  13. Mantisa or exponent?
  14. The most important timing analysis, namely setup time and hold-time analysis.


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