What are some of the best electronic songs?

If you read the first half of the sub-question (the entire realm), I would be inclined to suggest that you try the classics, pioneers. (I won’t go back as far as Pierre Schaeffer or Daphne Oram).

  • Tangerine Dream / Klaus Schulze
  • Kraftwerk – All they have ever done, my personal favorite being Electric Cafe
  • Jean-Michel Jarre, Oxygene & Equinoxe
  • Walter (before becoming Wendy) Carlos – Switched to Bach… the first “popular electronic music” album
  • Vangelis – Pretty much everything… the soundtrack to Blade Runner’s is amazing

Their discography is largely pre-MIDI and sampling.

Your second question suggests that you don’t want to be restricted by the entire realm. Sorry, but my knowledge of Trap, D&B, and prog-house is very limited.

You can also check out some late 20th century stuff like Aphex Twin, Susumu Hirasawa and the Art of Noise if you want to learn more.


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