What are some tips to reduce electricity bills in India?

1. LED TVSwitch it off when you’re done using it. This will save you power and increase the life expectancy. To save electricity, reduce the backlight level to 45-50 degrees and increase contrast.

2. Washing Machine
This is one of the most powerful machines. You may need to add NO-washing days to your calendar.

3. Fan
To save electricity and summer kill, use the Fan at medium speed. However, there is a way around. Turn AC on to slow them down.

4. Water purifier
It’s not a problem. Health First

5. Tube Light
Instead of using 40W tubes lights, use 30W tube lamps.

6. CFL
CFLs can be used in mixed pairs of 10W and 20W. Instead of the fake “Zero Watt” lamp, you can purchase a 0.5W LED light bulb (50 rupees per) for your sleep time.

7. AC
Instead of using local air conditioning, use centralized air conditioning. It takes longer to cool down than it takes for it to heat up. You can cool your entire house in four hours. The fan can then continue cooling for another 4-5 hours. Let it cool to 22 degrees for 3-4hrs, then turn the fan on for the remainder of the night.

8. Power Bank
Get solar power for your Power Banks!


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