What are the advantages of smoking electronic cigarettes?

These liquids give people at least some of the pleasure of smoking, while others claim they have all or most of it. You’ll still see the socially acceptable daisy field dancers on holiday raving about the smell of smoke in the air, or frantic about getting “popcorn lungs”. (I did the math on the popcorn lungs thing recently. To even BEGIN TO APPROACH how much diacetyl is present in normal vape liquids today in terms of popcorn lung quantities, one would have to literally vape for thousands and I think MILLIONS of year.

This is not to give them popcorn lung. It’s to build up enough exposure to be placed on a chart that they started MEASURING long-term problems for workers!

There may be other negative aspects, but they are not yet known. The “enjoyment,” positive mentioned in my opening paragraph could also be true for e-cigarettes, as they might help to prevent certain medical conditions.

Finally, even though it isn’t often noticed, the vapor produced by e-cigarettes can be very similar to or even identical to that used in hospitals to reduce transmission of airborne illnesses.

  • MJM is always available to help if anyone wants to vape somewhere on an e-cig.

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