What are the basics of electrical engineering?

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I am currently a student in the electrical engineering department. I believe I can give a correct answer to the question you have asked.

One thing every electrician should know is that William Gilbert is the Father of Electrical engineering. However, Michael Faraday was also a great contributor to electricity. He is often called Father of Modern Electrical Engineering.

Two basic laws are the basis of all electrical engineering. They are Ohm’s Law and Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic induction. These two laws and related problems should be well understood.

For a better understanding, you can make a comparison between the Electric circuit and magnetic Circuit.

It’s now time to move on to “Electrical Machine”, which is my favorite. Initially u should start with basic concept of working principles of different motors,generators etc and their uses as well.After making a strong clam on those motors and generators then u can take a step towards synchronous motor and generator(Alternator). I would not recommend you to start with a three-phase concept.

Star-Delta concept

This is the last fundamental concept that is as important as any advanced study in electrical engineering.

Other subjects include control Engineering, analog and digital electronics, and microprocessors.



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