What are the benefits of majoring in electrical engineering?

It is a simple question, but it is difficult to answer. Let’s take a look at my experience.

(Psst. – It takes a while to get an answer. It’s possible to enjoy it if you view it as a journey.

When I was in class VI, my determination to be an electrical engineer professionally was ignited. It has many roots. This is due to many factors, including my education, my family’s involvement in engineering, and my appreciation for “Electrical Engineers”, the amazing things they create that we see every day. Engineers are an artist to me, but I see them differently. Engineers were people who used the mother earth to inspire them, while artists use it to create their visions and help them express their work. Let me go back to my roots to show you my passion for this branch.

Since I was young, I’ve loved making things, breaking down and dismantling them into pieces, learning about the world around me, and interacting with people. As I grew older, I realized how I am constantly asking myself the same question: how electronic gadgets work? Why do they work? What do they do? How can I make them better? This curiosity was not good for me, as I ended up damaging a lot of things, including my great-grandma’s Recorder and classical music player. These are the main questions an engineer will ask, and that is why I decided to pursue an engineering degree. There’s more… read on.

It all began in 2006, when I accidentally broke my grandfather’s toy car. It was my first electronic thing. I was 10 years old at the time. I did it secretly because I didn’t want my father and mother to find out that I had broken something. My father was at work on Saturday, and my mother was with my sweet, four-year-old younger brother. I was frustrated that my remote-controlled toy car wasn’t working so I tried to fix it. However, my real intention was something different. I wanted to find out what was inside. To open the toy, I used my father’s screwdriver set. It was amazing to discover what it contained. It contained bizarre things that I have never seen before in my entire life. Then I realized that my mother may be angry if I break it down. I grabbed everything and moved it under my mattress. I crept in and began to separate the odd-looking components. I remembered that my father had previously put in four cylindrical-shaped, solid things that he called batteries. He told me that this was what powered my toy. Then, I looked around for it. Ahhh! It was there! It was there! I pulled it out to find out what it contained. I tried to remove the hard shell with his screwdriver, but it was too difficult. I was frustrated. I was frustrated so I grabbed my father’s hammer and picked up the cell. It finally came out at the top. I was shocked to find that it contained a black substance. It was disappointing, as I had expected to see something more fascinating. It was tiny so I assumed that my mother wouldn’t be mad at me if I showed the item to her. When she woke up, it was so small that I brought the cell and asked how it powered my toy. It was a surprise to her and she first asked if I had cut my fingers opening it. I answered no, and she asked me the same question again. She said that she would not answer the question but instead show me a trick to check if a cell can charge your toy. She asked me to bring my flashlight and the metal tongue-cleaner. She then took out the flashlight’s bulb and a cell. The bulb lit up! It was amazing and fascinating to witness that. I was told by her that an electrical insulated wire could be used to achieve the same result as a tongue-cleaner. I was able to find a wire piece, and decided to do the same. Voila! It worked again! It was amazing! I have been collecting wires, bulbs and batteries ever since. It was like buying chocolates, but I had bulbs. Slowly, my collection of electrical items grew and filled two of my shoeboxes.

After a few months, I decided that I would share my experience with some friends from school. They were also excited and asked me to share it with them. They asked me to show it again, but this time in secret, because those items were not allowed at school. We were in Class VI so we had access to the library. It was restricted to students from Class VI through Class VIII. There were four of us, and we all went in together to browse the books. One of my friends discovered a large book with art and craft projects. The book was given to us and we returned to our classroom to read it in groups. There were many amazing things in the book, including origami, paint & brushes techniques and cardboard constructions. We were drawn to the ones that utilized batteries, motors, motors, and wires. We all shared the same taste, so it was no surprise that we were all drawn to the same things. We decided to work together and named our team “The Fabulous Four”.

We collected all kinds of electrical components independently in class VII. We made small and simple projects such as a toy fan and hand-controlled motor cars, boats, and motor boats. Our team was later joined by a new member. We renamed the team “The Famous Five” because it was very popular at school and inspired by a book with the same name. The principal granted permission for us to bring in electrical components to school, provided that we don’t connect any to the main power supply. Those were some of the most memorable and wonderful days in my entire life. We did our projects in the classroom or at any member’s home during weekends and holidays. Our group was active until class VIII. In class IX, I switched schools. My two friends, who were also part of the group, applied for admission at a different school and the group fell apart. We only kept in touch via telephone. However, I was able to see the future and I had a general idea of what I wanted. However, I wasn’t confident and needed a stage to do what I excel at. It was the seed that was planted. It’s now time for me to purchase one.

It was December 2009. My new school made me very happy. Our Mathematics teacher told us about “INSPIRE”, an acronym for “Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research” which was to be held at IIT Guwahati. It was a seven-day program. We were to stay for the duration of the event and attend “Inspiring guest lectures” where educators, professors, and researchers from around the world would give inspiring lectures and host workshops. The goal was to instill scientific temperament in the students and encourage them to pursue science as a future career. The school was chosen based on past performance and six of the best academic students were selected by the principal to represent it. Three each from Class IX or X was also selected. Three other boys and two women were selected. I didn’t even know what an IIT was or where it was located. It was something I shared with my parents, and they were delighted to hear it. But I wasn’t. I was about 7 days away from my parents in a hostel. This was the place I most feared. It was also the first time I had ever spent 7 days without my family and friends. I was going to be moving to a new place in the outskirts of the city. But I decided to accept the offer and give it another chance. My father drove me to the shop and bought me a phone that I liked. Although it was expected that I follow a dress code, I chose to wear a black three-piece suit the first time. It looked a bit too westernized and awkward at first, but I like it. My mother purchased me a large duffle bag with a branded logo to keep my clothes and other valuables safe. I was concerned about my stay there. With so much money being spent by my parents, I was wondering if the whole program and “IIT”, will ever live up to my expectations.

It was now time to leave for school. My father drove me to the school, where the Mathematics teacher and all the other selected students had to go. We were at a Catholic Missionary School, so we called him Brother. He decided to take us all to the IIT Guwahati Campus with his large SUV. All six students and our teacher boarded the SUV and headed off to school. We reached our destination after three and a quarter hours driving and booked our rooms in the Subanshri Hostel. It was enormous and looked almost like a small village with large building blocks scattered around. These seven days were pivotal in my life. As I learned more about the “Campus life”, each day was a new opportunity to live my best life. I learned that to get into an IIT, you need something special. The program helped me set a goal that Science in Class I will be my stream of higher education. This program was truly “inspiring”, as it inspired me to make a decision about my life’s purpose.

I returned to India and began researching all I could about IITs and how I could get enrolled. Surprised to discover that admission to an IIT after class XII is difficult. One must pass the IIT-JEE, which is the most rigorous Engineering Entrance Examination in the world. There are only a handful of IITs in India. It was a very special trip for me, and I was happy that I went. I was able to appreciate the intelligence and smartness required to pass such an exam. After that, I was promoted from Class X to Class X. We streamlined our preparations for the CBSE Class X Board Examination 2011. The results were out. With a perfect 10 CGPA, I was one of the top three students in our school to get a full 10 CGPA. We had a small celebration at school, and everyone was happy. Sweets were also distributed to everyone.

I returned home to tell my mother of my accomplishment. She was thrilled. She cried. I turned to her and cried as well. I wiped her eyes and promised her that I would shed those precious tears if I did something truly great. She smiled and nodded. I didn’t think of anything at the time. I thought back to the greatest challenge, cracking the IITJEE to gain admission to an IIT. I promised her involuntarily that she would be allowed to weep when I get into an IIT. I still don’t understand why I said it. It was done. It was a promise that I kept and I will keep it, even if it means my life is in jeopardy. This is something I learned from my mom.

I got ready. After two years I had become monotonous. My books were my world. I took tuition classes near my home, which took me fifteen minutes to cycle up and down. There were four hours of class every day, except on weekends, when there was a test. It seemed to me that hard work, practice and proper time management were the only ways out. I was aware that there were many people just like me who study harder than I did. I trusted myself. Even though I was not in the top ten, I felt like them until Class X. They were the same as me, and I continued to work harder. I gained confidence from my past accomplishments and used it to consolidate myself during difficult times.

The exam day was near. My paper did not go as I expected for the JEE Advance (previously IITJEE), but it was acceptable for the JEE Mains (previously AIEEE), which was enough to get me a seat at B. Tech (H), course in Electrical Engineering at many NITs including the nearest NIT Silchar. Because I loved this branch of engineering, I decided to only take Electrical Engineering. I also had the option to study in a NIT. I made a promise that I would study in an IIT, so I decided to try again. The CBSE Class XII Board Examination 2013 did not meet my expectations because I spent a lot of time studying for my entrance exam. 2013 was a terrible year for us, as we lost our beloved grandpa. My mother was sad for many months after that incident. As I recalled my depression days, all that came to mind was the last line of the poem I had read in CBSE English textbook Class X. It is “An Ode to The West Wind”, by poet P. B. Shelly.

“The Trumpets of a Prophecy!” O Wind

Can Spring come before Winter?

All those times that gave me confidence, I remembered. I got back on the horse and tried again. It was going to be my last attempt. However, I was certain that this would be my best attempt. That was the year I worked my hardest. My JEE-Mains 2014 was a success. My paper did not go as expected on the JEE-Advanced 2014. However, it was good enough to get me into B. Tech (H), Electrical Engineering course at many of the newer IITs. The counselling process began. I was able to get my seat at IIT Bhubaneswar in the first round. Everyone was happy. You won’t believe that my mother was the happiest person alive at that time. I didn’t want her to weep so I didn’t mention that I fulfilled my promise to her. I was a man of my words.

This is me on the day I received my B. Tech. Tech.

You can see that pride and accomplishment comes with the ability to create something from scratch. You need to choose the best design for your needs, no matter how simple the project is. Similar principles apply to electrical engineering. You need to know exactly what you want, what you need and then design the best possible solution. This is again challenging mentally. It is the job that suits me best as a person, and it is the career I will enjoy the most. I’m able to come home each day with a smile on mine, because I enjoyed what I did that particular day.


Now I am here, working for an MNC. I wrote this piece to answer why I chose Electrical Engineering. It also makes me nostalgic about everything I did in the past. I signed up for the course at IIT Bhubaneswar campus on 25 July 2014. This is 6 years ago. Stay tuned for more Quora answers!

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