What are the best books about electric vehicles?

Electric Vehicles are a hot topic in today’s world. They are everywhere already, and the battery-powered cars that were once so popular have been making a comeback. It is important that automobile enthusiasts and experts shift their attention to the future mobility, which is electric and hybrid vehicles. To explore the automotive field, this will require reliable information/research articles.

Two books that I’ve read have been highly recommended by me. They are both interesting and helpful in understanding the concepts behind EVs/PHEVs/HEVs.

  1. Vehicular electric power systems by Ali Emadi ( Purchase Vehicular electric power systems: Land, Sea, Air, and Space Vehicles [Power Engineering (Willis]) Book Online at Affordable Prices in India
  2. Iqbal Husain, Design Fundamentals for Electric and Hybrid Cars ( Buy Electric or Hybrid Automobiles: Design Principles, Second Edition Online at Low Prices In India ).

The books are very expensive, so you will need to be careful when purchasing them. They were available in my university library. You could also borrow the book from someone or join a public library.

These books provide the design and fundamental principles for an Electric Vehicle design. This book will teach you the basics, current trends, and future plans for EVs. It will grab you, and you may even become a passionate enthusiast for Electric/Hybrid Vehicle technologies.

A documentary on Electric Vehicles- Who Killed The Electric Car? (Who Killed Electric Car?) is also recommended. (2006). It depicts the beginning of electric vehicles in America and their eventual demise in the 20th century. To keep up with the latest technology developments, you can subscribe to magazines and articles on EVs.

Enjoy reading!


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