What are the best electric guitar solos for beginners?

Here are some simple solos for beginners. I’ve compiled this list based on personal experiences. I’ve included their tutorials as well.

As Aman said, definitely Californication

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

The Master of Puppets (interlude with harmony, and first solo) (interlude, including harmony) Metallica

“Knockin’ at Heaven’s Doors (first solo) Guns N” Roses cover of Bob Dylan song

If you’re able to complete the first one on your own and you’re comfortable, the next one shouldn’t be too far for you.

Blackbird (first solo) Alter Bridge Alter Bridge

Nothing Else Matters Metallica

The majority of the solos Hetfield plays on Metallica songs are relatively simple to play, and they are absolutely full of emotion.

I’ll include more songs as and when I remember more songs.


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