What are the best electronic signature (e-signature) solutions on the market, in your opinion?

There are a variety of great electronic signature options available in the present, and deciding on the most appropriate one isn’t always easy especially if you’ve not previously used this kind of technology before.

In this situation I’d suggest a few applications which provide the best combination of user-friendliness as well as the highest level of performance, and a worry-free business security standards.

The first app to explore first is DottedSign.

This innovative all-in-one electronic signature solution provides a variety of robust features that will revolutionize your business processes regardless of whether you’re a single-entrepreneur or a large-scale business.

All you need required is to download the file or several of them, to your device’s photo library , or cloud storage you prefer Add signers in a couple of easy ways , and verify their identity using the aid of the authentication process included in the application.

Then, you can easily track the progress of tasks using the visual progress bar. You can also follow up on ongoing tasks in one click , or set up automatic reminders.

Whatever DottedSign option you select You will be able to be able to see the reasons this application has gained the status of being one of the top e-signature programs currently available.

No matter if you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer or a small start-up or a big company, this app will assist your business to work more efficiently and effectively.

Another tool you could take a peek at is DocuSign.

. This simple application helps you keep track of many documents during different phases of the process of signing.

DocuSign also comes with powerful templates and a useful report feature that is quite handy when managing some freelancers or contractors or when you require all your customers for signing contracts. The reports that are regularly generated will give you a comprehensive analysis of where your company is at.

Additionally, you could consider giving a try to SignEasy

. It is compatible and seamlessly with Dropbox, OneDrive, Evernote as well as Google Drive, among other popular apps which allows you to cut down on the necessity for downloads, uploads or tab switching signing-ins. Everything is done right wherever you want it to.

And the final app I’d suggest would be Adobe Sign

. This simple solution is a perfect option for Microsoft proficient users. The inclusion of it within your arsenal will allow you to finish all of your essential tasks without having to leave your Office 365 environment.

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