What are the biggest myths with electric vehicles?

  1. The most dangerous myth about electric vehicles denies their role to reducing greenhouse gases. Although some electric power is generated by fossil fuels, electric vehicles consume 3 to 5 more energy per year than equivalent gasoline vehicles. [1] Many bogus numbers are tossed around.
  2. Another myth exaggerates how long that it will take to recharge an electric vehicle. Connecting your vehicle to an outlet with 120V won’t charge it quickly However, the super-fast DC chargers, like the Tesla Supercharger, which comes with the Tesla Model 3, can provide 200 miles of range in just 30 hours or so. [2]
  3. Another myth debunks the credibility in electric vehicle. Actually, EVs are far simpler than vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. There is a lot less that can fail. The Tesla Model S has 18 moving parts that drive it, contrasted with 1,800 for the gasoline-powered car.
  4. Another myth misrepresents the value in the use of EVs for colder climates, and ignores their market shares in Norway is among the top worldwide. Tesla cars are typically operating at temperatures of 30 degrees below freezing. The energy consumption is higher in extreme temperatures, however Tesla cars are still able to function. [3]

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