What are the career options after completing a BTech in electronics and communication engineering?

What are electronics and communication engineering?

What is the scope of EC engineering? The scope of electronics and communications engineering (EC engineering) is vast. Modern technology relies on electronics, chips and transistors. The application of EC engineering in all fields is extensive. Electronics engineering is a key component in the development of every sector, including telecommunication, satellite and microelectronics technology. Electronics have also been instrumental in the development of health care, automation, signal processors, and other areas.

There are very few fields in which electronic engineers can be found.

  • Medical field – Nearly all medical equipments can be installed and maintained electronically.
  • Electronics are used in automobiles for speed dials, airbag systems, and other functions.
  • Modern equipment- To produce, maintain, and repair computers, tabs, smartphones, etc.
  • In communication- Radio,telephones etc.
  • Both in government and private organizations – Installation, operation, and maintenance of electronic equipments and systems.
  • Defense- To design and develop complex devices and systems that allow for signal processing and telecommunication.
  • Space and other research organizations – To design and develop complex devices and systems of signal processing and telecommunication.
  • Electronic Industries – Design and fabrication electronic devices, embedded systems, equipments, etc.
  • Industries of process – Instrumentation and control for electronic devices.
  • IT companies are highly preferred by IT professionals.
  • Manufacturing- PCB, IC etc.

Many EC students find work in software companies. Learn the concepts and get in-depth training to help you get into a core business. My understanding is that one should have a good profile. Each student does an internship as part of their degree. To be a standout and get a better placement, it is always better to do internships abroad while you are completing your engineering program.

. Many Indian companies employ EC engineers. If possible, try to work for multinational companies. These companies are possible to get into if you have a strong profile. Also, make sure you visit their official websites for any notifications about vacancies.

Here are a few companies that require EC engineers:

  2. LG
  5. NOKIA

Because every IT company, such as Infosys and TCS hires EC engineers, I haven’t mentioned them. To make your career stronger, you can also pursue higher education. You can choose to pursue an MS or MBA depending on your preferences. MS is mainly in engineering and research, while MBA is management. It is not possible to do MS in the US or UK. You have the freedom to choose what suits you best. You can also learn post-graduation cheaply, but with greater value


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