What are the essential skills for a electronic engineer?

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This is the question I’d like to answer, as I am a graduate in Electronics Engineering.

  1. You should also have a strong understanding of engineering subjects.
  2. Programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, and many others.
  3. Data science is becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, I believe that freshers should learn this course.
  4. Many students learn digital marketing to benefit their companies. This will give you an advantage.
  5. Udemy offers the course for as low as 1,000 rupees.
  6. Coursera also offers many courses, many free courses that you should learn during this lockdown.
  7. Cyber ethical hacking can help you in your career. You can also make a career out of hacking.
  8. WordPress can also be learned and used to design websites.
  9. English is a global language that can be learned at any stage of life.
  10. Develop leadership skills
  11. Learn languages such as French, German, Spanish, and any other language you like.

I trust this will be more than enough.

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Ranjana Makam

The original question was

What are the essential skills for an electronic engineer?


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