What are the fields in which an electronics engineer works?

Electronics is the study of electrical circuits that use active elements such as transistors, diodes and IC’s. It also includes passive electrical components, interconnection technologies, and other components. This means that this branch can also include some parts of electrical engineering and signal processing. We can however describe subfields within parent fields.

(a) Telecommunication

(b) RF, Microwave

(c) Embedded Systems

(d) Semiconductors

(e) Image processing

(f) Optoelectronics

All of the branches mentioned above can be categorized into analogue and digital. Let’s now get to the question of the best job fields. It all depends on what type of interest an individual has during exploration. I can also tell you that coding is essential to implement designs, regardless of the field. Language changes are not allowed.

PS: These are the enduring branches of Electronics that can transform in a variety of ways. Based on their experience, everyone can offer fat packages.


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