What are the most required skills for an electronics and communication engineering graduate to attract the attention of core companies?

Electronic Core companies offer a few types of jobs. There are many more. We will only discuss the Major types.

  1. Embedded – C programming Skill
  2. VLSI – Verilog programming skills and in-depth knowledge of digital electronics
  3. Hardware – Knowledge of Electrical and Digital Electronics, and the ability to understand and read Component Datasheets. Understanding various buses is important.
  4. PCB Design – Ability to design any circuit on any PCB layout package. You can practice on any PCB Layout program.
  5. IoT field – Networking, Embedded and Python.
  6. DSP – Good in Mathematics, Ability To Use Matlab Or Scilab
  7. Communication – Electronics & Mathematics.

Don’t try to master every skill. Instead, choose the one that interests you and stay focused on it for the 4 years of Engineering. These skills can be learned by spending 1 hour per day over the 4 years.

It takes passion and dedication. Don’t try to learn the skills required for the job. If you do, then the job is guaranteed in the core field.

Get in touch with me if you have any questions. I am planning to offer online classes via Zoom and WhatsApp.

All the best.


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