What are the problems caused by electricity?

Wires are the first thing to mention. There are also cables. There are many wires and cables. There are many wires and cables. There are millions and millions of miles of cables and wires. These cables and wires are made up of millions of tonnes of different materials. Have you seen the copper price lately? Nicola Tesla might have been onto something with his wireless power distribution ideas.

Now, generation. Electric power generation. The power plants that generate electricity, which allows you to use the device to read this answer, can be huge. Have you ever been to Hoover dam. Have you ever seen a nuclear power station up close? Alternative power generation also takes up a lot of space. You see the trend? This is about farms. Farms often infer acres. Sometimes, thousands of acres are involved.

It is unfortunate that people have become so scared of nuclear power primarily because of two “accidents”, one due to a cooling problem and the other by human error. Three Mile Island’s radioactive gasses were not enough to register above background levels. This would never happen today due to computerization of controls. Chernobyl was an example of an experiment that went horribly wrong. This would never happen again. If those two events had not occurred, it is likely that there would be more nuclear power plants. All coal-fired plants in the U.S. would have gone the same way as the dinosaurs, which would reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

These are just a few of the main disadvantages of electricity. These disadvantages can be overcome, at most in part, with a few things: wireless distribution of electricity is possible. Tesla demonstrated this almost 100 years ago. His research disappeared mysteriously almost immediately after his death in January 1943. Some people are still actively looking for his documents and are closing in on the location. Constructing new nuclear power plants is, for me, a simple task. Two new nuclear power plants are being built in the United States at present, but they don’t make up for the ones that have already been closed.

These are the main disadvantages I see with electrical power. I could go on, but it comes down to what each individual believes is a disadvantage.



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