What are the Safety measures against electricity?

Here are a few:

  • Double isolation. Turn off the power and take out the plug. Double check.
  • Before touching, measure. Before you touch anything, make sure to use a probe to verify that there are no volts.
  • As needed, use a safety mat
  • You should use tools that are designed to work with electricity. Insulated screwdriver.
  • Make sure metal surfaces are grounded
  • Use components and wire rated for the power they can carry.
  • Things that get hot should be avoided
  • You should be aware of extremely high voltages which can jump through the air and zap your body.
  • Avoid big electrolytic capacitors which can retain charge and zap your health.
  • Insulate bare wire.
  • Make sure that all screwed contacts have been fully screwed down
  • You can test screwed wires by giving them a tug.
  • Follow regulations. They serve a purpose.
  • Ask someone who is knowledgeable if you are unsure. They won’t be able to tell you what they don’t know.

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