What are the skills required for electronics engineer to get placed in core company?

These are the skills needed to be employed in the core of companies as an embedded developer or firmware engineer.

  1. Embedded C: Focus on pointers Structure and unions as well as functions, arrays.
  2. Analog electronics basics – BJT FET linear integrated circuits Op-amps.
  3. Digital electronics – universal gates, flip flops, counters, logic design.
  4. Communication protocols such as UART, SPI, I2C and I2C and CAN
  5. The microcontroller’s architecture. Timers, memory management interrupts and oscillators.
  6. A good knowledge of ADC and DAC
  7. Ability to resolve simple electronics circuits.
  8. Able to read and comprehend data sheets.
  9. Gerber design and schematic knowledge is a plus.

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