What are the technical skills needed for an electrical engineer?

Hello, I am an ECE Graduate. I can only give you a few things that are necessary to be a skilled engineer.
1. Circuit designing
This is the most fundamental skill that is required. It is essential to be able to analyze, debug, synthesize and analyze electrical circuits. It should be a daily part of your day. To simulate circuits, you can use software packages such as Eagle, P Spice, Eagle, and Orcad.
Learning and mastering PCB design is another important aspect. That’s what I mean. Do many projects and learn.
2.Instrumentation & Electrical Measurements:
It is essential that you are able to read and manipulate instruments accurately. An important aspect of the job profile for an electrician is measuring.
3.Power transmission and Transmission line fundamentals
4.Electrical drives and electrical machinery
You must be able to use electrical machines easily. You should know how to use it for testing, reading, construction, and design. You must know how to use PLC, SCADA, speed control design, etc.
5.Power electronics:
Designing and fabricating power electronics circuits.
6. Renewable energy basics:
Solar photovoltaic is a subject you should learn and gain as much practical experience as possible.
7.Microcontrollers & Programming languages
A basic knowledge of 8051, ARM and AVR programming and AVR programming are essential.
8. Soft skills such as communication and presentation skills
9.Fundamentals for electrical power generation and maintenance
10. Control systems and control machinery.

You might think that I have named subjects you might not want here. These areas are important and you will not be a jobless engineer. These areas, along with the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, will help you start your own business.


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