What can we do when there is no electricity at home?

Nothing better and no power to do?

Grab some cards and get down to business. We’re going play Egyptian Ratscrew, my favorite card game.

Two things are necessary to know about this game.

  1. You will bleed.
  2. I will defeat your sorry ansies into next week.

No, I am not competitive. What the hell are you talking about?

I may play solitaire if I am alone. If I don’t have any cards, I can grab a book to read. I don’t know how many books I have read, but I can read the same book 100 times.

Yes, I know the ending, but I will still cry.

If I don’t, I might write or knit (or maybe even write on paper with pen– it would be horribly primitive). Or take a long, relaxing nap.

I love options.

However, cards are my go-to. I believe that most people don’t have enough time to play card games, and that they don’t enjoy the same games I am good at.



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