What consumes more electricity: air conditioner or fan?

All we know is that an air conditioner requires more electricity than a fan.

Some of the main component of Air conditioner…………….

  1. Compressor
  2. Fan
  3. Condensor
  4. Evaporator
  • Because of all the component oresent in the AC conditioner it is too expensive and the Energy required to treive all these components are much more than the fan. Each AC operates in a specific mode and uses energy according to the mode it was operating.
  • Mode -cool
    –fan mode
    Dry mode
    Power saver mode
    Mode: Quick and Cool
    –sleep mode
  • The AC consumes 500 to 1500 watts an hour, while the fan uses 15 to 90 watts an hour depending on the size and speed. It all depends on the operation mode of the AC. These features increase the AC’s effectiveness and save energy.
  • Fan will consume approximately 21 units per month
  • AC will use 210 units per month
  • In all cases, however, the Air conditioner consumes a lot of energy to operate and makes the environment cooler. The fan uses very little energy.
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