What is the average power bill for a 2-bedroom apartment?

There are two bedrooms with one dining room bathroom, one kitchen, and two bathrooms connected in the bedroom…

The kinds of equipment that are that are used are(typical summer: the highest use),

Three ceiling fans with 80W that are used seven hours(avg.) every day

Two LED lamps with 5W, used for two for 2 hours (avg.) daily.

Three LED lamps with 8W, used for at 6 hours(avg.) every day

The pump is 750W and that is used for twenty minutes(avg.) each day

Three tube lights with a power of 24W are used for four hours(avg.) every day

A refrigerator with 35W is was used 24*7

A TV with 50W is used for five hours(avg.) per day

Washing Machine with 700W power used for to wash clothes for 30 minutes(avg.) every day

Split AC of 850W is used for 3 hours

That is you can calculate the energy consumption total for a month(30 days)

=[*30/1000] KWh


=(6372*0.03) = (6372*0.03) or units

=191.16 units

In the case of an inverter is 85% efficient.

In the end, energy consumed is

191.16*(100/85) units

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