What is the basic knowledge an electrical engineer should have?

These are the essential skills that all electrical engineers should have:

I would like to begin with generation, transmission, distribution, and finally utilization of electricity.

  1. The basics of electricity generation technologies, including non-conventional and conventional methods of producing electricity. Understanding of various factors, e.g. Load factor, demand factor, and so on.
  2. Transmission and distribution voltage levels & classification. Modelle of transmission lines (pi T, etc. Their analysis. You should also be familiar with the basics of HVDC transmission. FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems)
  3. Laws, theorems & fundamental rules: Circuit analysis: Ohm’s law, Kirchoff’s Current & Voltage laws, Maximum Power Transfer Theoryem. Dot and cross convention, electromagnetic induction, Fleming’s left and right hand rules, types emf, electro-magnetism, and Kirchoff’s Current & Voltage law.
  4. Concept of admittance and impedance. Different types of loads (RRL, RC and RLC); their series and parallel connections as well as phasor diagrams.
  5. There are four types of powers: Types of powers: Active, Reactive Apparent, Complex, & Apparent.
  6. Power factor concept; the effects of various loads on power factor
  7. Types of supply and load connections: The basics of single-phase and three-phase connections like star & Delta connections, voltages & current relations in balanced stars & delta connected loads.
  8. The working principles of DC motors (shunt series, compound) and knowledge of their characteristics are essential to understand their uses.
  9. The working principles of single-phase and three-phase AC motors (induction, synchronous, etc.) Understanding their characteristics and their applications.
  10. The working principles of transformers, the types of connections and their respective applications.
  11. Simple techniques for energy conservation.
  12. The basic operation principles for all household electrical appliances.
  13. Basic knowledge about Power Quality and the effects of different loads on power quality
  14. Basic knowledge about Solar PV & Wind energy generation.
  15. Last but not least CONCEPT OF EARTHING/GROUNDING!

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