What is the best electric guitar?

There is no such thing, if I’m being truthful, as the best electric guitarist. The best electric guitar is not the one for you. In my entire life, I have owned over 500 electric guitars. While I loved many of them, there was always the next one. You don’t have to spend more money to get a better guitar. I have owned guitars as high as $4,000, and I’ve had guitars as low as $100. Some of my $100 finds performed as well as customs.

While looking for a Tele in a Chicago music store, I tried 4-5 different models. Each had its own personality. The salesman came to replace a string while I was trying it out. I noticed a Tele body guitar that I hadn’t seen before and I went to check it out. It was a Fame By Hondo. It was a Fame by Hondo. I decided to give it a try and was immediately impressed with the sound. Fenders were expensive at $800 to $900, but the Fame was much more affordable and had a better sound. It also cost $150 less than Fenders.

The best guitar depends on your needs and preferences. Even then, it may not be the best. Two of my custom guitars were sold recently because I found better guitars for a lot less. The Yamaha SG 2000 and SG 3000 vintage models are my favorites. However, they don’t always get the highest praise. A PRS SE EG is currently the guitar that I use most often and take to the studio. It does all I need and it plays well in my hands. They are becoming harder to find these guitars and they are getting more expensive. I bought mine used for $450 and will probably never sell it. It is not the best guitar. It is not the best guitar, but it does give me all I need in a guitar.




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