What is the best equipment and software for a beginner hoping to create electronic music?

Based on my 8-year experience with Flstudio, I can recommend it. It is one of the most useful apps available. It is one of those softwares that won’t get in the way of your music production, especially if you are just starting out. Three things are required to use flstudio.

  1. The Piano Roll – This is where the magic starts. No piano lessons? There is a piano chord function that automates all chords on the chart. This is a great opportunity to learn how to play your major and minor chord progressions. If you’re interested, they can even automate the more complicated classical scales.
  2. The Step Sequencer is your virtual drum machine and sequencer to load synth plugins and drum samples. You’ll have no trouble transferring to larger DAWs if you know how to use the step sequencer.
  3. The Mixer – Your effect rack. You just need to assign an instance from your step sequencer into an effect slot, and you’re good to go. Flangers, compressors and distortions.

That’s it. These three fundamentals will ensure that everything else falls into place.
Flstudio is viewed as a toy by many. However, artists such as Avicii and Skream, Benga, Mord Fustang, and Mord Fustang disagree. Skrillex was even before he moved to a Mac.

“It is not the bow that makes an indian”

Have fun producing!

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