What is the cost of electricity per unit in Jaipur?

If you’re asking for help for a bill because you live in a rental apartment, request your landlord to provide electricity bill. Divide the total amount by the quantity of units consumed in bill and then multiply it by the units shown in Ur Meter. They may be reluctant to issue a an invoice, but it’s entirely up to you to convince him/her. I used to do this, and the average was at 8.1 or 8.2 some thing.

For eg. My landlord’s rent bill for the last month was 13000 , and the total amount consumed was 1550 units on that bill. That’s 13000/1550 = 8.39 nearly . The Meter within Ur apartment is showing 350 units, so 350*8.39 = 2936 rupees.

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