What is the current electricity rate per unit in Gurgaon?

Gurgaon is governed by DHBVN. Rates are lower than Rs 6. If Consumption exceeds 800 Units.

If consumption exceeds 800 units, the cost is Rs 7.98 per unit plus 1% additional charges.

From my actual Bill for 2 Months:-

From the Page on dhbvn.org.in

Edit : This above is the MMC charges which are Fixed Monthly Minimum charges, which according to Impact of Connected Load on Fixed Charges in Electricity Bills , for Haryana are
Fixed Charges are Rs 100 per kW for 1st 2 kW and additional Rs 60 per kW after 2 kW.

—- Updating —

Now, the rates have been updated and there are now three Domestic Slabs ….

1- If your monthly total consumption is less than 100 units, the first price will be 50 units at 2.70 and then 50 units at 4.50.

2- If your monthly total consumption exceeds 100 units or 800 units, then the first 150 units are 4.50; the next 100 units 5.25; and then 250 units 6.30; and then 300 units 7.10.

3. If your monthly total consumption exceeds 800 units, then flat 7.10 cents per unit.

They also have fixed charges that would equal approximately 1% of the above-mentioned charges.



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