What is the difference between electric potential and electric potential difference?


Although there is only a small difference between potential difference and electrical potential, it is important to know this because it plays a crucial role in electricity.

Let me first explain the Electrical Potential

I have drawn two cases in the image

The first case is about Electrical potential.

Imagine a source charge. This is a charge that has power. It can be placed in a way that it has an influence space so other charges can also be affected by it. If we need to bring a point charge, which is outside the influence space, let’s say at infinity. The work required to restore that charge’s potential is called electric potential.

Case 2 – This case refers to possible difference

This test charge is placed within the influence area of source charges so it has some electric potential. If test charge moves between two points under the influence of source charges, there will be differences in potential so this is known as potential difference.

Electric Potential = Work done/q

Work is done to bring a charge Q from infinty into any point within the influence space of Q

Potential Difference = WORK DONE/ q

Work is done to bring a charged q between two points in the influence space of Q.

I hope you can see the difference.

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