What is the difference between electronic and communication and electronic and computer in engineering?

  1. The course Electronic and Communication Engineering focuses mainly on core electronics engineering like ICs,Transistors and BJTs. Here you will also learn about communication engineering. part which includes both analog and digital communication(transmitter,recevier, transducers etc.) All of these are part of the communication section. You can also learn programming through additional subjects like C++, D&A, and C++. ECE also offers the opportunity to learn about software and core jobs.
  2. Electronics and Computer Engineering are sub-divisions of Electronics Engineering. This subject deals with how electrons affect the construction of components, devices, systems, and equipment. Electronic Engineering is the study and application electronics, electromagnetism, and electricity. Computer engineering is the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. This could include the creation of new software or hardware. You can also find both core and software-related jobs here.

PS: If you are a person who loves to sit in front of the computer and writ PROGRAM CODES, then only take the 2nd option.


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