What is the importance of an electric motor?

An electric motor’s importance is what makes it different from a traditional mechanical engine. An electric motor can be operated in all four quadrants with the correct bridge rectifying converter

That means the electric motor has the ability to act as a motor in both forward and backward direction (just by readjusting voltage and current supply) or act as a generator in the forward and backward direction. An electric motor can change its speed and torque by simply readjusting its voltage and current supply as well. A mechanical motor can switch directions as a motor and adjust its torque and speed as well, but it requires gears to do so. And because gears are not 100% efficient, it will dissipate energy. Mechanical motors can only operate at a maximum of 2 quadrants of operations only, as it can’t act as a generator. You just simply can’t produce fuel with mechanical input. BUT you can produce electricity with mechanical input because of:

Electricity being interlinked to mechanics due to magnetic fields.

For electric motors, gears are not necessary (though some people still use them for converter design purposes). This means that electric motors can be more efficient than mechanical motors and can perform more functions than mechanical motors. Working as a generator.

An electric motor used as a generator for Wind Turbines.

Electric motors acting as a generator in Hybrid cars.

Electric actuators producing sound with electricity! (As sound is a mechanical effect)

Cars can be more efficient as they can produce electricity when they are braking. Lifts can also generate electricity by lowering payloads from higher ground to lower ground.

These electric actuators can store even more memory!

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