What is the reason for the recent rise in popularity of the electronic music genre?

Electronic music was born, and the world has had an amazing opportunity to discover its depth. Electronic music is a fine piece of art that immerses the listener in a state of euphoria.

This was a popular choice for wealthy people who hired DJ’s. They bought Synths and Mods from Germany or Belgium, and held a party amid the flourishing drug culture.

Techno would rule those times. I have heard stories from hippies who travel for the crave for electronic music. The underground scene almost crowned in the 80’s.

Music scene has totally changed. Even the stars who had no fanbase in India until 2015 had a million fans overnight the release of a track from upcoming single. Major Lazer had whole India at once when he shot the Music Video for Lean On in India.

Talking of today there is this thing called EDM which has some twenty or so genres. All classified and sub classified. So you see the diversification of electronic music which again could be classified between dance music and ones which are typically lucrative.

Attending a Deadmau5 concert will never leave you disappointed.


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