What is the use of electronics in civil engineering?


Electronics in Civil Engineering are widely used in the area of Structural Health Monitoring.

As a student in Civil Engineering, I had the opportunity to participate in a multidisciplinary project. My project was to assess damage using wireless sensors powered by my own batteries at the Computational Sensor Laboratory (Michigan State University).

To answer the question again, and simplify the answer, let me show you how diverse disciplines were involved in my project.

Our goal was to determine how the voltage generated by these sensors changes with increasing damage to the structure.

Energy harvesting

: Conversion of vibrations produced by structures into electrical energy in order to power these sensors.

Signal processing: To eliminate noise from external sources. The MTS machine generated noise due to its vibrations. Low pass filtering (removes high-frequency signals) was used to get rid of the noise.

Compressed Sensing Technique: To extract only sparse data from these sensors, which stores the most important or relevant data

Computer Science Applications:
Artificial intelligence (AI), a model that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect various damage states

This project should give you an idea of how Civil Engineering is used by other disciplines.

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