What material is used for making electrical fuses and why?

An electric fuse acts as a circuit breaker and protects electrical appliances. It generally consists of two parts: an alloy wire, which is typically tin or copper, and an outer shell of ceramic, fibreglass, plastic, etc.

(iii) The connecting cable is usually made from Copper, which is inexpensive and readily available. It is a good conductor and conductor of electricity.

(iii). A common Electric Bulb contains a Tungsten filament, which is enclosed by an inert gases in the glass enclosure. It heats up as current passes through it and emits light.

(iv)The electric heater works on the principle of Joule’s Law of Heating, and is normally composed of an alloy of Nickel (80%), and Chromium (20%) called Nichrome. It has a high resistance.


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