What salaries are expected for an electronics and communication engineer?

A2A …… I was working as a Hardware Engineer. In which i only dealt with communication ANALOG COMUNICATION AND DIGITAL COMMUNICATION, mainly we deal with Indian defense providing them the best communication set-up …….

Coming to question ……!!!! !

How much do i earn??????? I have completed my diploma at a Bangalore collage. It was a two-year course in which I had done ECE . I was placed on campus in my fifth semester. They told me they would pay 18k for the initial 2 months, but then they gave me training and put me in the communication project.


I have worked for almost two and half months in the same company. In this period, my salary was nearly 27k per month. In parallel, i did my 3rd year in b.tech in ece streaming in distance . If i finished with my b.tech, i planned to transfer to another company with more experience …..

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