What’s your opinion about electric cars and hybrid cars?

Yes. Yes. I have both a full-electric and hybrid. My commute is thirty miles round trip by a Nissan Leaf every day. My wife and I travel long distances in a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, which burns petrol. However, it can also run on electricity.

We had to have two cars, one of which had to be capable to make long trips.

I used to spend PS300 per month on petrol.

Now, I spend PS25 per month on electricity.

My Leaf is now four years old, and I have repaid the money that I paid for it. We needed a car, even though the Outlander may take longer.

It’s worth it for me! Every month, I save money.

Edit: Both these cars are exempt from road tax. If I owned petrol cars, I would be paying PS50 per month. It’s a simple decision.


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