When electrons will produce photons?

We don’t. Photons may be produced by slow electrons that are stopped. Also, photons can be created when electrons decay in electronic states in atoms or molecules. The accelerated motions of electrons can produce electromagnetic radiation at various frequencies.

This is not “converting” electrons into photons.

My closest approach to doing this is to create a positronium, a bound state electron and positron that can decay to 2,3,4 and more photons. I think it’s most likely to be 2 or 3.

However, you will first need a Positron to do that.

The current universe is almost entirely conserved in electron number, and electrons are not considered unstable. They are the lightest leptons apart from neutrinos.

It is not known that electrons can decay in any way. It would be illegal to convert an electron into any number of photons, which would break electric charge conservation. This is an excellent symmetry.


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