When will electric cars be widely used and affordable to the average person?

I disagree with other answers. I believe the batteries are now at a price point that will make electric vehicles more affordable.

Supply is the issue right now – both of batteries and cars

Nissan makes approximately 55,000 Leafs per year

Tesla makes about 40,000 Type S, and the same number for Type X

The Model 3 will be producing approximately 250,000 units per year.

However, this is just a small part of the DEMAND!

To lower the price, the Supply must grow to meet the Demand. This will force the supplier into lowering the price.

Tesla should not reduce the price as long as they can sell every car for $50,000+.

I expected other manufacturers to recognize this demand and create their own factories. But so far, nothing. -NADA! It takes many years to build these numbers, as Tesla has shown.

When Tesla makes 500,000 cars per year, I expect prices to drop. This could take place in two years. ?


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