Which are the most stunning animals of the animal kingdom?

This animal could stun anyone:

He seems quite sorry for it.

It is, indeed, the Electric Eel.

The electric eel is actually a knifefish, which is a fun fact. (I won’t attempt to explain what a knifefish looks like, but it would be boring and I prefer to get to the point.

Three pairs of organs in the electric eel produce electricity. It can also produce 600 volts, which is enough to cause serious problems for humans. Stunning, indeed. Shocking, even.

These shocks, despite their intensity, are not blunt instruments. Kenneth Catania from Vanderbilt University demonstrated that high-voltage discharges can be used by the eel to perform at least three functions. They make prey twitch, revealing their presence. The victims are paralysed by making all their muscles contract. They also monitor the movements of stiffened, floating mouthfuls. They also monitor the movements of these stiffened, floating mouthfuls.

They may not be “stunning”, if we are talking about their looks, but I find their facial expressions quite charming. He seems to be humming to himself.

It’s cute. There; I said it.

The electric eel is, in my opinion, a stunner regardless of how you interpret the term.


[1] Discovered by a scientist, electric eels are a shocking discovery


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