Which career will bring more opportunities digital electronics or analog electronics?

Analog electronics, hands down.

There isn’t much electronic circuit design digital form anymore. Most digital circuit designers are shifting to design techniques that use software. They are using software tools, such as Verilog, System Verilog, System C, etc.

Today, you can create a complete digital IC with only software, without having any idea how a resistor, transistor or capacitor functions. You could even say that the majority of digital circuit engineers can never surpass the digital design software. The program is more efficient is able to handle larger circuits, takes care of all parasitics and automatically layouts and validates the circuit.

A few years ago, the expectation of the time was for analog engineers to vanish while digital engineering would replace them. However, as fate would have it digital engineers of circuits are becoming extinct. The future of electronics won’t be divided into analog and digital instead, but computer engineers as well as circuit designers. It’s exactly the way it was fifty years ago. The business has made a complete circle.

Engineers who develop Digital gates for logic (i.e. the nand gate) have analog engineering as the problem of designing at nanometers demands 3-D field analyzer tools to research capacitances of coupling, for instance. The analog circuit is not designed that employs boolean logic.

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