Which IIT is best in Electrical Engineering for an Mtech?

IIT Bombay is the best option if you wish to study at IITs. But if you have been invited by IISC Bangalore or IIT Bombay, then it will be different. You will be required to attend classes in IIT Bombay with your fellow juniors studying in IIT B. It is clear that IITian guys have greater subject knowledge than non-IITian guys (although we have guessed it). You will need to be more skilled to work at IIT B. You will also interact with other people in IITB, which will improve your communication skills. IITB is the best option if you are looking for a job as a MTech. Let’s now move on to IISC. It is India’s most prestigious research institute. IISC will provide you with deeper subject knowledge. The main purpose of IISC is to conduct research. If you’re an introvert who doesn’t like socializing and wants to do research only, then IISC is the right place for you. You have the freedom to choose. You can choose according to your natural instincts. All the best.


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