Which is a better engineering field: computer science or electronics and communication?

Most high school students have this question, and are waiting for the date of seat counselling.

Both CSE and ECE can be great branches. I’ll try to tell you what kind of person prefers a certain branch. The person who chooses the career path is you. I’ll share my experiences as an ECE graduate, working in core companies, and with my CSE friends.

ECE stands for electronics and communication engineer in India, and electronics and computer engineering elsewhere. This course will cover all subjects related to electronics. The majority of subjects will be familiar with CSE. These include electronic devices and circuits as well as computer org and operating systems. Embedded systems,vlsi,C, and microprocessors. ECE is concerned with both computer hardware and electronics circuits. You will need to be able to perform calculations every single time you take electronics. These are very difficult to learn. Even if you don’t want to, you must pass them. ECE is open to anyone who is good in mathematics and physics. Even an average student in mathematics can be good. There are many ways to improve. Many people take IT jobs without really trying, which is due to the 3-tier colleges in India and the poor teaching staff.

CSE is a great subject. Many people find it easier than ECE. This is a branch in engineering that closely associates with hardware. You will need to learn hardware subjects, as I mentioned earlier. My friends from the cse cursing college introduced these subjects to me and then argued with me about benefits. This is because it teaches you the basics of hardware design. You will be developing software. CSE is more than a job in software development, as it is in India. CSE is more than just software. It includes cognitive sciences and neural networks. We dream of an IT job. This is incorrect. You should not give up on your passion for cognitive science and neural networks. Do research abroad. Because there is less math involved, this suits most students.

The final decision is yours. You can take a vacation to the beach and work in the same field. Learn new things, keep up with current affairs, and read journals. You can be successful.

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