Which is better for an MS in electronics, TUM or RWTH?

TU Munich – Advantage:1. Structured course. Complete your MS in two years.
2. There are many start-ups and companies that offer high-paying student jobs.
3. Alps!!! You can hike to the mountains from closer.
4. More sunshine. More sunshine and less rain.
5. Large city offering many opportunities.

TU Munich – Disadvantage:
1. Expensive. To live. To eat. To eat.
2. It is difficult to find accommodation. They are also expensive!
3. A longer winter with more snow (if it’s a disadvantage but there are great spots for skiing and snow-boarding – an advantage).

RWTH Aachen – Advantage:
1. Flexible course duration (But this is not always a good thing, as it can lead to more stress).
2. It is a very affordable city. It costs half the amount in Munich.
3. The border between Belgium and the Netherlands. It is close to Eindhoven, Cologne, and Brussels.
4. A 60 Euros semester ticket is enough to get you around the entire state of NRW. It’s not cheaper.
5. It is a small city. It is a very homely, cozy environment… almost half of the population are students from FH Aachen and RWTH.

RWTH Aachen – Disadvantage:
1. Rain!!! Rain!
2. There are very few student jobs available at universities.
3. It is not the most exciting place in Germany. It is however a small town.

Safety is a concern. I’ve lived in both cities, and both are equally safe.

It’s as simple as Big city vs. Small city, or even better, ‘expensive cities with more opportunities’ vs. ‘city with less living costs but with fewer choices’.

Edit 1: Aachen Student Jobs!

According to some reports, the student job situation in Aachen has improved over recent years. This review was initially based on my experience as an International Masters student in 2010. I found work in a few months, but I was able to see the struggles my classmates had to overcome to get a job at University. This is not the case at this time.


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