Which is the best electric cars in India?

Edit : We have the Hyundai Kona, MG eZS, and Tata nexon. All of these are high-performance EVs for India. This was not the case until recently.

A few months ago, there weren’t any’real’ electric vehicles in India. Tata and Mahindra’s offerings are regular cars that have had their engines rebuilt with a motor and battery.

This means that there won’t be an appropriate weight distribution similar to the one found in a skateboard platform. The battery will not have proper liquid cooling/heating mechanisms, which are essential for long life and extended range. Also, the battery will be limited in capacity. The car is also not designed with aerodynamics in place which is a must for electric cars.

I noticed that you asked questions about the upcoming Tata electric vehicle and I have good news. The Tata Altroz Electric Car is an electric car that has been built from the ground up. It includes all the necessary features for an electric vehicle. However, it will be available in India by 2020. You can get great value for your money by buying a used import car if you don’t want to wait. You won’t be able to name Nissan Leaf because it also lacks liquid cooling, but smart 2by4 and Kia nero are all options.

Edit: Just found out that Mahindra has stopped making E2O, a slow, useless electric car. Don’t worry, they did it. They will soon launch powerful, hopefully EVs built upon real platforms, namely eXUV300 or eKUV 100.

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