Which job should I do after a B.E. in electrical and electronics?

Excellent question. It is obvious that electrical and electronic engineers are a university major.

If done right, we all have passed through Kirchhoff. A little magnets here, some switched-mode power supply, some university-level calculus… This discipline is the bread and water.

But let us have a quick look in the biggest professional/academic society of Electrical & electronic engineers, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE or I-triple E) , and what kind of stuff do they publish on:

IEEE Journals & Magazines

A quick scan of the page will reveal keywords like antenna, computing, consumer electronics and electromagnetic compatibility.

A well-trained EE monkey can make a contribution to almost any problem. This sounds like a promising career opportunity. It’s important to be prepared for the long-term. No matter how difficult it is for some, there will be some assurance in the future in terms of job satisfaction and quality of life.

I am an engineer who plays with physics. Some of my former university friends and acquaintances have gone on to become:

  • In Formula 1: glorified car mechanic
  • Factory managers
  • Wind energy planners
  • National strategic dispatchers
  • field (power grid) engineers
  • consumer electronics designers
  • Small business owners
  • I went on to study finance and banking. Now, I am a trade broker
  • microchip designers
  • Specialist in Scientific X-ray
  • Working on a PhD in mathematics to predict market crashes
  • laser technician
  • Physiotherapy consultant
  • Consultant for developing world charity technology
  • Web admin
  • Natural language and AI researcher
  • 4G network engineers
  • naval electromechanic
  • Chief engineer naval
  • Tenure-track professor (semiconductor/device engineer).
  • Process engineer at a food “assembly line” factory
  • cryogenics engineer
  • Expert in toxic gas alarm system
  • Oil platform comms engineers
  • Retrained as a chemical engineer and now works in big pharma.
  • Crystal grower (hard to find a better job title).


You can have a blue collar or a white collar. Some of the most outstanding electrical engineers have made a difference in the world and even become astronauts.


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