Which programming languages do I need to learn as an electronics and telecommunication engineer?

Let’s begin by understanding what types of jobs an Electronics Engineer might take on in his career.

1) VLSI Engineer: Designing Digital Circuits such as CPUs/GPUs
Scripting (Perl/Python/Shell/TCL), Linux, Verilog/VHDL/System Verilog.

2) Machine Learning Engineer/Image processing: Coding/Computation techniques to Videos/Statistics
Python, R. C., MATLAB and Database (SQL).

3) Software Engineer: Webpage Development/Database Management
Java, C++ and C#.

4) Embedded Engineer: Firmware/Driver design for digital devices.
C, Embedded C Linux.

5) Analog Design: Antenna design/Transceiver RF circuit design.
Linux, SPICE and scripting knowledge.

We can see that scripting is essential for automation. Perl and Python are good choices. C is also available in many languages mentioned above.
If you’re unsure about what type of work you want to do, C or Python are good places to start.
If you’re naive about a specific type of work, I recommend that you start with the languages relevant to your field.

PS: This list of languages was compiled from my interactions with people in the relevant fields. Feel free to edit the types of jobs and related languages.

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