Which textbook should I study on electronic devices and circuits for the GATE?

First, make sure you only take up any textbook if it is necessary. Second, don’t compromise on time spent practicing solving sums.
Solid State Devices was the book I used to study. Streetman and Banerjee also published it. Although the book is great for deep understanding, you will need to know how to filter out what isn’t in the syllabus. The book covers a lot of quantum physics and chemistry of molecules.

Streetman and Banerjee’s language was difficult for me to understand so I started studying Micro-electronics topics by Sedra, Smith. It doesn’t cover all of the syllabus. You will enjoy a short but informative topic about the working of diodes, and related capacitances. Streetman and Banerjee can help you get a little more familiar with the topic.

Here’s what I suggest: Read Electronic Devices and Circuits Boylested to learn the basics of FET, BJT, etc. For more complex topics such as MOSFET, MOS cap, differential amplifiers, and MOS capacitor, you can study Sedra, Smith, then go to Streetman, and Banerjee for the physics portion of all the devices.

It is sufficient to learn the basics of topics like IC fabrication, optical devices and types of diodes online.

Best of luck!


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