Who invented the electric car?

The first electric vehicle of the model is attributed to a variety of individuals.

  • It was in 1828 that Anoys Jedlik who was Hungarian who invent a new electric motor built a tiny model vehicle powered by his invention motor.
  • It was in 1834 that Vermont blacksmith Thomas Davenport constructed a similar device that operated on a narrow circular electrified track.
  • In 1834 the professor Sibrandus Stratingh of Groningen, the Netherlands along with the partner Christopher Becker created a small-scale electric vehicle, powered by non-rechargeable primary cells.
  • The first electric vehicle was constructed in 1837 by the chemist Robert devidson of Aberdeen. This car powered using gavic cells (batteries)

In reality, Thomas Parker developed his first production electric car within London in 1884 using his own powerful rechargeable batteries. This was possible thanks to the rechargeable batteries which offered a viable method of the storage of electric power onboard the vehicle. However, they was not invented in 1859 with the development of the lead-acid battery by French scientist Gaston Plante. CamilleAphonse faure, another French scientist, made significant improvements to the battery’s design in 1881.

Thomas Parker

Thomas Parker in his electric car

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