Who pays for the electricity running the streetlights?

Application for Street Light Installation is available on the City of Houston website. The primary purpose of street lighting in Houston is to lighten roads. Street lights are not meant for illumination.
Provide security lighting, parking lot lighting, and pedestrian lighting for private properties
lighting. Street lights are only available to street segments that are within the City’s limits.
Center Point Energy owns and maintains all street lights. The City is responsible for maintaining street lights.
Any street light installation within the City’s right-of-way must be approved by the City. Once approved, it will be installed.
The City pays the cost of maintaining and operating the street light.

The lights are maintained by the Center Point Energy, an electric utility company that distributes power in our region. This is the one without a delivery infrastructure monopoly and not the Retail Electric Providers. They have linemen with electric skills, trucks with ladders and cherry picking baskets and they already have the trucks. They have work to do when they are not responding to natural disasters or storm damage. They bill the city for maintenance, installations and operating costs through the Center Point Energy Co as well as the REP.


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