Why are electric kettles so scarce in USA?

It’s the distinction between coffee and tea culture. If you consume a lot of tea, it is necessary to boil water regularly and pour the boiling water into another. A specifically designed boil-and-pour machine (that is the electric kettle) is the perfect solution. The majority of Americans however, prefer tea instead of coffee and require different equipment, such as drip coffee maker or, in recent times devices like Keruig machines.

A small percentage of Americans who consume tea regularly own electric kettles. They’re also quite frequent among college students who make use of them to boil water to make ramen or other packaged food items that are instant. A majority of Americans do not have enough use for their main usage. If you make tea, we’re likely to cook, so instead of requiring an additional appliance, we cook it right in the cooker over the fire. When rare, tea is on the menu for those who aren’t, an alternative device, such as the microwave comes to use. However, that’s not enough to justify the gadget for the majority of people.

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