Why aren’t Electric Vehicles getting mainstream in India?

Electric vehicles are present in India. They are not just for show they actually run. REVA was the name of the company that produced the Mini Electric car, two-seater vehicle. You might realize that you’ve had this car in your sights when you were a child! !

In essence, electric vehicles are available, it’s just that there aren’t many of them on the road that you’d expect to see them , like TATA Indica.

REVA The company later acquired by MAHINDRA and is now making electric automobiles. Two models are available: 1. the e2O 2. Verito

The MAHINDRA e2O is the most recent model of the REVA model. The manufacturing facility is located in Bengaluru and you will see a lot of these cars In fact, the number of them has been increasing to the point that you’ll find the cars in every metropolitan city.

And also there are couple of companies which manufacture Electric two-wheeler, Bi-cycle. We can see these bikes in many cities. These bikes can be easily charged at your homes and they can run for sufficient kilometers in the city premises.

It’s just that we must improve the infrastructure that supports these vehicles. The government is making strenuous efforts to improve this.

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Soon, there will be electric cars on INDIAN road.


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