Why can’t electric cars use a generator to charge themselves?

Okay, it’s time for all deniers to be held responsible!

A generator would be able to generate free energy from the car’s wheel rotation. This is the proof. It’s possible. Pictures don’t lie.

A bigger battery will allow you to plug your house into your car at night, which will save you a lot on your electric bill.

Seriously, people, how many times must we repeat this silly nonsense?

I bet that the man who created this device was serious about his goal to prove that perpetual motion is possible. It is possible that he believes that it is possible. It is impossible, however.

There are many answers to the same Quora question.

You could indeed rig up a generator in this manner.

Yes, the drive belt attached to the wheel would spin a generator and send energy to a lithium-ion battery.

It will not send as much energy to the battery as the additional energy that the car’s propulsion system would need to spin the generator.

So everyone can understand it, I’m going to do it again.

It will send less energy to the battery than the extra energy required to spin the generator.

. . . Let’s wait a second, here’s an idea:

The guy who rigged it up could use an ICE car to excite the generator’s coils. A switch connected to the brake pedal can do this. The generator would be felt loading up, as it actually adds some energy to the system. This would also save some wear on the brake pads.

This feature is only available on ICE. This feature is already built into hybrids and BEVs.

This is called regenerative brake.

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